The structures of "our" buildings, engineering structures and special structures, are characterized by cost effectiveness coupled with sustainability with respect to the procedures used and of the structures themselves. We never lose track of their intended use and your budget and timeline! From a planner’s perspective, we are equally ‘at home’ in new buildings and in existing buildings, which we intelligently adapt to today's requirements. We offer the complete range of supporting-framework planning services through all stages as a matter of course:

  • design, project engineering and construction of civil engineering structures in all project stages
  • reporting/experts’ opinions
  • Special solutions for competitions
  • Determination of the basics
  • Pre-planning
  • Design planning
  • approval planning/permit application design
  • Execution planning
  • call for tender
  • determination of costs
  • Engineering monitoring
  • certified expert planner for the protection and repair of concrete elements
  • Certified Welding Engineer

Our projects in Structural Framework/Engineering